Already booked? Sign your waiver!

Each person who will be on the pontoon boat during your scheduled rental time must sign a waiver. If someone does not sign a waiver, they will not be permitted to board the pontoon boat. To expedite the check-in process, we ask that you to complete your waiver prior to arriving. Based on your level and role of participation, you will need to sign one of the following:

Authorized Driver

Signed by any driver(s) or operator(s) of the boat. If multiple people will be driving the boat during your reservation, each person must sign this waiver.


Signed by the person who has paid for the boat, equipment and services. If your name is on the credit card used to book the boat, you must sign this waiver.


Signed by all people who will ride or otherwise use the boat or boat equipment during the reservation. If you are solely riding in the boat, you must sign this waiver.