1. Where does the Pontoon dock?

By water: Rock Harbor Marina - - Mile Marker 175

By land: Paddle Up Nashville -- 525 Basswood Avenue Nashville, Tennessee 37209. (615) 571-0708.

2. Where can I take the pontoon?

When you rent, you have the option of heading North down the Cumberland River towards Ashland City (Mile Marker 157). There you will find the Riverview Restaurant & Marina. You can also head South on the river to Downtown Nashville (approx. 16 miles).

3. How fast can the pontoon travel?

That's a good question. In perfect conditions, the pontoon will travel at 20mph. However, once you take into consideration current, level of fuel, number of people on board, etc. that number lowers. We recommend a lower speed to maintain fuel efficiency.

4. Can I drop anchor and park on the river?

Yes, the pontoon has an anchor. However, due to barge traffic NEVER stop in the middle of the river. It is crucial that you steer clear of the barges and commercial traffic, and offer them the right-of-way.

5. Can I park the pontoon Downtown?

Yes -- however, the East Dock requires a reservation through Metro Parks at (615) 862-8472.

6. Are pets allowed on the pontoon?

Pets are not allowed.

8. Where can I fill up with gas as needed?

The only approved gas in range is at Rock Harbor Market in Rock Harbor Marina.

9. Where can I find TN Boating Laws?

10. The Marina is a "No wake zone"

Tennessee laws prohibits wake within the Marina limits.

11. Does Pontoon Nashville provide a captain/driver for the boat?

Pontoon Nashville does not provide a captain/driver for the boat.